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Two days into our journey, we are still trying to get underway! After a day’s delay to refuel, we sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge and started across the vast Pacific Ocean ... until noon when the Captain announced that we were returning to San Francisco for a medical evacuation of one of our passengers. We did so and, of course, passed under the Golden Gate twice more, once going back east and once west. We are now proceeding apace back into the Pacific, and there is much conversation about whether we might have to eliminate our first stop (Nuku Hiva) because if we increase our speed to accommodate the day's delay we might consume too much fuel.

In the amazing wonders of the modern world, we received an email from Ross Pennie, a friend in Canada whom we met on a former world cruise. “What’s up?” wrote Ross, “I’ve been watching the Whisper on my computer and saw that you were delayed for refueling, set sail, yet now are returning to port.” Well, we wrote back, we had a medical emergency and don’t know what the consequences are. Ross assured us that he could see that we are travelling at 21 knots/hour, 30% above standard speed and that it will only take three days at this speed to make up the time we lost.

So we turned back to the excitement of shipboard life and heard a splendid lecture on the Marquesas (Nuku Hiva’s archipelago) and another on the migration of Asian people throughout the islands of Polynesia, sailing on 65 foot catamarans lashed together with fiber. They apparently navigated by currents, clouds, birds, and clouds, so we are sure that we’ll manage to get where we are going since we have a ship full of electronics!

Despite an excellent workshop on phone cameras, we still can’t access the photos we have been taking. So more apologies and a promise to figure out a solution soon.

Hope and Bill

Posted by HopeEakins 07:58

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So great to read your wonderful blog that is so descriptive and allows me to feel like I am right there too.

Yes, I said if I could get on somewhere, I would join the cruise and when there was one cabin left, I decided that was a signal. So I will see you God willing in Singapore and will be with you until Cape Town.

It looks from the photos that Bill has settled in and you both (after going under the Golden Gate Bridge) a few times are well on your way especially since Ross can see how fast you are going. Just wonderful. Hugs and love, Gail

by Gail Berry West

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